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RL Wolff

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Kim Jones

Kim has been with the family business for over 20 years. She worked alongside her Dad (Bob Wolff) until he retired in 2010 and has helped grow the business to where it is today. She is now one of the managing partners along with being a full-time recruiter. She loves the daily interaction of working with both client companies and candidates, knowing that she has helped change lives for many people financially and professionally. She is married to Ruben who is a lifestyle and entertainment reporter for Fox News, they have 1 daughter, Sophia and 2 rescue dogs  and a  bunny which makes life fun. She is living the American dream, raising a family, loving her work and looking forward to the future.

Fun Fact: On her first and only time skydiving they had to push her out of the plane. People on the ground could hear her screaming all the way down!

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Ways to contact:
Office – 713-523-2655 ext. 1
Cell – 713-874-1815